20 Products of Works of the Flesh

The works of the flesh destroys the body soul and spirit. A single act of any of these is enough to disconnect us from the presence of God. No matter the virtues of the fruit of the spirit we possess, if we fail to deal with any of these works of the flesh, it will deal with us seriously. That’s why we have to give no room for the works of the flesh to have his way because its entire path is total destruction; I prayed we won’t be destroyed in Jesus name. Read: Galatians 5, Matthew 7:13-14.

  1. Sexual immoralities.

    Any sexual immorality defiles the body, soul and spirit. Many destinies, marriages, dreams, visions etc. has been destroyed and polluted through this stupid act. Our body is the temple of God. It should be a living sacrifice for him. The body is not a toilet, where anybody can just use, dump and experiment all kinds of practical. Cheap and valueless products are cheap, free or valueless in the market but classic and expensive products are not cheap but also expensive because they have class. Hundreds of people can taste garri in the market without buying because it’s already exposed, cheap and valueless to the eye.
    Anybody who wants to be a vessel unto honor must first completely run away from this works of the flesh. See Romans 12:1-2

  2. Uncleanliness.

    For God hath not called us unto uncleanliness but unto holiness. Uncleanliness is one deadly works of the flesh; this should not be found among believers. See 1 Thessalonian 2:3, Ephesians 5:3

  3. Lasciviousness.

    This is when you are being driven by lust. Always getting distracted easily and always falling a victim of it works. To be tempted is not a sin, but to yield to temptation is a sin. This works alone can open doors to all works of the flesh and failure to deal with it will cause a lot damages to our Christian walk. See Ephesians 4:19

  4. Idolatry.

    Anything you value more than God is what you worship and is idolatry. If you know you have anything that you value more than God that is what you worship and is idolatry.
    The first commandments state clearly that thou shall have no any other God except him. See 1 Corinthians 10 14

  5. Hatred.

    Hatred opens bitter conflicts against your neighbors. It paves way for bitterness, disagreement, pride, malice, jealousy; envy etc. hatred is a very bad works of the flesh. See Proverbs 10:12

  6. Variances.

    You can’t be always right in your own eyes every time. This works also shows that one has the spirit of pride. When everybody is saying A in one voice, you are always saying B. other people opinion doesn’t count at all to you. See Proverbs 12:15

  1. Emulations.

    It is an embarrassment to your worth and standard if you are trying to be like someone else. Everything you always think of is competition. You just want to be like or surpass that gentle fellow by all means and you don’t know how he’s doing it. You’re already unique, you don’t have to be like others.

  2. Anger.

    Be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry: for anger resteth in the bosom of fools. Ecclesiastes 7:9. An angry spirit is a foolish spirit and it’s a spirit of pride. A proud man is an angry man.
    If you are the one at fault then why stay angry, if you are not the one at fault why stay angry too. Check yourself. See James 1:22 Ecclesiastes 7:9

  3. Bitterness.

    Bitterness brings hatred and hatred brings bitterness. But when you’re soaked with power of love, you can’t be bitter against anybody. You don’t have to be bitter against anybody, just follow peace with all men. See Ephesian 4:31

  4. Envy.

    When your mind is dirty and polluted, many evil things comes out from it, one of them is envy. An envy spirit is a bad spirit; it can make you harm your neighbor without a cause. Lack of contentment and satisfactions is the gateway to envy. See Proverbs 14:30, Galatians 5:26

  5. Murderers.

    Thou shall not kill. Is as simple as that. Abortion, suicide bombing, ritual killings etc. killing is killing. Don’t kill generations by being a genius in doing these things. Don’t make your society a terrible place to live. See 1 Peter 4:15

  6. Drunkenness.

    Drinking is a bad and destructive habit. The more one drinks, the one lose focus and get distracted easily. The more one drinks the more one thinks of many evil things in the heart. See Proverbs 23:21

  7. Pride.

    God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. The best of any man is a dust. So why should pride still exist in you. If you’re still flying with the wings of pride, you need to destroy that wing before it destroys you. See Proverbs 16:18

  8. Dishonesty.

    Many of us do say that people don’t believe us; the reason is because we are not saying the truth, if you say the truth people will believe you. And if you say the truth and people don’t believe, keep saying the truth then one day they will definitely believe you. You don’t have to keep or start telling lies because they don’t believe you. Speak the truth always and you definitely get your reward. See Proverbs 19:9, Romans 13:9

  9. UN forgiveness.

    This spirit can hinder prayers from being answered. When you don’t forgive a fellow, it’s like putting the fellow in the prison and later discovers that the fellow was actually you. See Matthew 6:15

  10. Disobedience.

    Many of us still disobey in one way or the other. We disobey to the extent that we only do things to please ourselves; we no longer please or obey God again. For us to be a true child of God, we must not disobey. If you still disobey, repent. See romans 5:19, Ephesians 2:2

  11. Cheating.

    This is another works of the flesh. In fact. When you have the fear of God right inside of you, it‘ll be impossible for you to cheat your neighbor. But when your mind is polluted and corrupt, you then you start to bring up the idea of cheating. No cheaters will ever go free and there is reward for every cheater. See Psalm 10:7

  12. Malice.

    To keep malice is to be in bondage. When you keep malice with someone, you lost your freedom of coming close to that person. Malice kills relationships and it gives way for the devil. Why not put the devil to shame and set yourself free from keeping malice. See Ephesians 4:31

  13. Stealing.

    Taking somebody’s things unlawfully is a disgrace to your personality. Why not use your hand to work and acquire what you desire. Either small stealing or big stealing, stealing is stealing. Stay away from stealing. Be contented and satisfied with what you have. See Romans 13:9

  14. Jealousy.

    Show me man who is envy, then I’ll show you a man who is jealous. An envious man is a jealous man. If you love your neighbor, you can’t be ever jealous of him or her. If you wish your neighbor well, good wishes will also overtake you. If you celebrate your neighbor, people will celebrate you too. Don’t be jealous. See Proverbs 6:34

As you can see, there is nothing good to write about all the works of the flesh listed above. If you want to get cleanse from these works of the flesh, you have to surrender to Jesus. What does it mean to surrender; it means to be born again. The blood of Jesus cleanses all from these things and gives you a new beginning if you are ready to that please say this prayer with faith say

Lord Jesus, i know I’m a sinner, i surrender all to you, i dedicate my life to you, i believe that you died for my sin and i confess with my mouth that you are the son of God, come in to my life now and be my savior, i will no longer live a life of sin again,from now on i will live to please you, please wash away my sins with your precious blood, give me a new life and a new beginning. Thank you for saving me i ‘m no longer a sinner, i ‘m now born again, in Jesus name Amen.

If just you prayed that prayer now, CONGRATULATIONS! You are now born again, please we will need your details so we can always pray and intercede for you and also send you some materials. Please fill the form below.
Thank you very much and God bless you. Welcome to the new life in Christ.

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