About Us

Kingdom virtues network is a gospel / Christian blog created to share, to preach and Teach the word of God to its audience.

We want to reach out to millions of people by empowering  them with undiluted true word of God and to make sure they are richly equipped, enriched and refined.

The main purpose of this platform is to bring back the lost sheep to the good shepherd and to win souls to the kingdom of God.

Our focal point will be eternity talk, we want to show people how to make the best out of their time for the the kingdom enlargements and How to manage their time, talents and treasures for the expansion of the kingdom by setting their hearts to think eternity always.

One area we will also be focusing on is how to make and improve people to be more productive in some major aspect in life. By so doing, seminars, lectures, conferences, workshops etc. will be organized for all our prospective subscribers both far and near to prepare them for major tasks ahead of them.

We will also be bringing news, events and entertainments from the gospel, and interviews from anointed men of God and gospel celebrities all over the world.


Statistics shows that in 2016, around 46% of the world population has internet connection today,  We want to make sure that the gospel is widely spread through the internet so that it can get to everybody that have access to the internet.


  1. To win souls to the kingdom of God.
  2. To set people’s heart on things that are eternal
  3. To restore the broken relationship between man and God
  4. To prepare people to be more productive and active
  5. To entertain with gospel


  1. Both online and offline materials will be widely use to reach out to God’s people.
  2. We want to make sure that this blog is suitable for all readers From children, teens, youths, singles, married and adults etc.